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FEMA Construction
Guideline #499

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Rubber and neoprene wraps are not seamless. They must be connected to the pile with metal fasteners or screws, which deteriorate in an ocean environment rapidly

Concrete jackets are porous and degrade rapidly in an ocean environment. In addition, uniform building codes (UBC) call out for proper construction techniques, which prohibit concrete-to-wood contact.

This is a classic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shield FAILURE.

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FEMA construction guideline #499 for today's elevated beachfront home outlines the need to remove the diagonals out of the wave force. This application is simple and can be performed by HG Construction as well. Any structural adjustments will always include an engineer's report. 

This diagram is drawn directly from the FEMA #499 report.

Common bracing methods include knee and diagonal bracing so that braces and piles will not be struck broadside by waves, debris, and velocity flow.

HG Construction's Pile Protection Process is our Signature Achievement.


After decades of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial repair, renovations, and retrofits, we developed a solution to halt the degradation of piles that support beachfront homes around the world.


Our process is proprietary and has a patent pending (#6831450), with a full patent forthcoming. 


After encountering dozens and dozens of wooden piles on the brink of failure, HG Construction made the effort to do the research and develop a real solution that works.


What singles out our solution to this problem is that we apply a seamless adhesion of an extremely durable protective polyurea membrane, after returning the most vulnerable part of the pile (the scoured portion) to its original dimensions.


HG Construction pile protection comes with a 10-year warranty against defects in workmanship and any failures in performance of the materials used. 

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Polyurea polymer technology is bringing the building and construction industry into a realm never seen before. The corrosive forces of nature wreak havoc on materials left unprotected. A good coat of paint to protect those materials will still require recoating in just a few years, especially in an ocean environment.


A polyurea membrane is extremely durable and strong. It has met and surpassed the most rigorous American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) tests for standards set forth by the Uniform Building Codes (UBC) and the International Building Codes (IBC), ie:

ASTM Tests:





For a better visual understanding of polyurea's strength and durability, click here to view a short video . . . You will be amazed!

The HG Construction Process Uses Polyurea to Protect the Pile

Our use of polyurea to protect the pile actually reduces the environmental impact of creosote. In years past, the use of creosote on wooden piles that support beachfront homes was the standard preservative used against marine forces and pests. 


The use of creosote preservatives for structural building elements has been restricted by the EPA due to its toxicity to the environment and humans. There is no acceptable amount of exposure.


For more information on the adverse environmental and health effects of creosote, click here to visit


1. D638-D412: Blast mitigation

2. D2240: Ballistic resistance

3. 3912: Chemical resistance


4. B117: Sea/sand spray abrasion resistance

5. D4541: Adhesion/pull-off properties

Unprotected concrete columns deteriorate quite rapidly in an ocean environment and will scour, crack, and spall, reducing their structural integrity.


HG Construction Pile Pro has the technical expertise to retrofit a spalled concrete column and return it to a viable structural element, as well as Seal, Protect, Preserve, and extend the life.


The superior service life of a polyurea membrane has a multitude of benefits, because it is so eco-friendly. 


 Zero VOCs and zero solvents

 100% solids

 The superior service life reduces the need to recoat for well over a decade or longer

 Reduces the carbon footprint

 Halts the "leeching" into the ocean of any remaining creosote under the coated portion

 Halts the "off gassing" into the atmosphere of any creosote under the coated portion


In other words . . . a safe, seamless adhesion of an impermeable, water resistant, scour resistant, eco-friendly, durable protective membrane that will last - we guarantee it.

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